1. Which shoes are the best match for a wedding tuxedo?

We recommend No. 1931 and No. 1301. These are popular models with impressive 2.4 inches (6 cm) raise and come in shiny black or wine cowhide. Upon request, we can also make them with enameled leather. Once the wedding is over, you will find these shoes are ideal for formal business meetings or special occasions.

2. Which heel-up shoes do you recommend for those new to elevators?

We recommend starting with heel-up shoes with a height of 2 inches (5 cm), such as our No. 635. Made of light and soft kangaroo leather, many customers have told us that they felt very comfortable wearing them.

3. How often do you release new models of elevator shoes?

At Kitajima Shoes, we make no compromises and release new models only once we are 100% satisfied with them. We prototype new models after repeatedly adjusting wooden molds, die-cuts, soles, in-heels, etc. It can take nearly a year from planning to sales. We do not commit to a specific release schedule.

4. Why are there scratches and wrinkles on the leather?

Each piece of natural leather has various blemishes, such as bloodstains, stains, wrinkles, and scars. This is especially the case with wild animals such as kangaroos. While our artisans do their best, it is impossible to only cut pieces that are 100% free of imperfections. Marks not visible during the cutting process may be pulled out during molding. Although some flaws can be made less visible by applying a finish, many cannot be completely hidden.

5. Can I purchase just the insoles?

No. All of our elevator shoes are tailored to fit our unique height-increasing insole designs. If you were to take our insoles and insert them into regular shoes, they would not fit or be properly aligned. This could result in negatively affect your standing posture and walking gait. Therefore, for the sake of our customers' health, we only sell our specialized insoles as part of our elevator shoes.

6. Do the shoes weigh the same as the weight listed on the page?

The weights listed on our site are the approximate weight of average size (US 7.5, UK 7, EU 40.5, JP 25 cm) elevator shoes with natural leather.Since genuine leather is used, the thickness and weight may vary depending on the part of the leather used and individual differences. Also, since each pair is produced by hand, the weight may vary depending on the glue and paint used in the gluing process. Furthermore, there may be a difference of several dozen grams between left and right shoes.

7. Do you offer elevator shoes with a lift over 2.8 inches (7 cm)?

No. We sell elevators with a lift of 2 to 2.8 inches (5 to 7 cm). Any higher than this can result in issues that affect your standing posture, walking gait, and foot health.