Japan's Leader in Elevator Shoes

Get confidence, instant height, and natural gait with our next-generation elevators. Available in various styles and widths, our shoes feature authentic craftsmanship and the ability to add up to 2.8 inches (7 cm) of height.

From the moment you put them on, you'll understand why Kitajima Shoes is the top choice for ambitious men worldwide.

Magic Insole

Our 2.8 inches (7 cm) model uses a Magic Insole that optically disguises the depth of the sole when taking off your shoes.

This model has an insole made of Coolmax material.

Unique 3D Arch Curve Insole

Our shoes have a special 3D arch curve insole. This ensures comfort while walking and standing. The flexible synthetic rubber material with a bulge in the center of the sole prevents your foot from shifting forward.

We also offer models that use COOLMAX® for fast drying and moisture absorption.

Unique 3D Arch Curve Insole without a bulge in the center of the sole

Gentle arches in the arch of the sole provide gentle support for the entire foot.
The design prevents fatigue even after wearing the shoes for a long time. They are also popular among people with flat feet.

Commitment to and pride in quality

Our personnel, who are certified shoe fitters and leather sommeliers, plan shoes that are not only well-designed but also comfortable to wear.
We continue to maintain high quality by conducting all processes, from product planning and leather cutting to finishing and boxing, at our own factory in Japan.
This is a pair of shoes filled with the meticulousness of the Japanese.

Premium Leather. Artisan-Made.

Our elevators are authentic, high-quality leather shoes made by skilled craftsmen in Japan. Since the company's founding in 1961, we have been making shoes with a focus on comfort. Our elevator shoes are made with Japanese craftsmanship and provide unparalleled ease of wear.

Each piece of natural leather is unique, and no two pieces are exactly alike in terms of stretch, luster, and hue. Skilled craftsmen create the best shoes one by one, drawing out the best of the leather at the time, according to the characteristics of the leather. This is a high-quality product that cannot be done in mass production.

Your Feet Deserve the Best!

We do not make our shoes with a rise higher than 2.8 inches (7 cm) because it puts too much stress on the wearer's feet. We also place great value the natural appearance of our products, ensuring they look like regular shoes to the casual observer.

About Kitajima Shoes

Since 1961, over 60 years, we have been making shoes with a focus on comfort. Our elevators are made by skilled Japanese craftsmen who put their heart and soul into making safe, secure, and stable shoes.

We have been listening to our customers and making daily improvements to ensure our shoes make our customers feel comfortable and confident in any situation.