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Men's Elevator Shoes Height Increasing 2" Taller U-Tip Slip-On Wide Shoes Genuine Kangaroo Leather No. 635

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• Made in Japan: We provide high-quality leather shoes made in Japan.
• Elevator Shoes: Look like regular shoes, but increase your height by 2 " (5 cm) with an invisible insole.
• Kitajima 3D Arch Support Insole: Provides comfortable walking with moderate flexibility and cushioning. Fits your soles. Supports the arch and prevents feet from slipping ahead.
• Upper: Made of kangaroo leather which is light and soft. The more you wear the shoes,the more fits your feet.
• High-Performance Materials ( It is used on the front half (The part where the toes are placed) of insoles.) : Antibacterial, anti-odor, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying.
• Design: Classic style perfect for business or formal occasions.
• Shoe Width: Wide
• Outsole: Urethane sole: Lightweight and flexible urethane sole provides excellent cushioning and reduces foot fatigue and very breathable.
• Heel: Outsole heel approximately 1.2 " (3 cm).
• Sizing: Please refer to the images for choosing the right size.