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Real natural leather contains blood vessels, wrinkles, and scratches. Highly experienced, expert craftsmen sort and select the leather by carefully identifying it piece by piece.


The real leather that has been inspected is cut according to the design of the shoes. The part to be cut is decided upon after figuring out the part of the leather to be used and the direction it is to be stretched that matches that section of the shoe.


The leather that has been cut is then sewn together. The upper lining is joined together, and beautiful stitching is used to express the elegance of the shoe.


Through the process of Lasting the upper lining that has been sewn is made into a wooden pattern developed for elevator shoes.
In order to provide our customers with a great experience, the shoes are balanced and given shape that offers superior comfort.


The leather shoes that have been given shape are then given a beautiful sheen.
Their elegance can be maintained over a long period of time, and they have proven to be effective against scratches and dirt that can appear during use.

Technical elements of KITAJIMA-SHOES

1. Insoles carefully crafted with expert skill

The 7cm Height increase elevator shoes use 'Magic Insole' and "Heels with elastic deformation gentle on your feet' technology

  • 'Magic Insole'
    A structure that makes the insoles look deeper through visual effects. Technology devised based on engineering theory
  • 'Heels with elastic deformation gentle on your feet'
    Soft, deformed material that has been built into the inside of the heel. Through compression of the rear part at the time of impact, the cushioning is good and you can maintain a natural posture.
Magic Insole Heels with elastic deformation gentle on your feet
The 7cm Height increase elevator shoes

2. 5~6cm Height increase elevator shoes

  • '3D arch curve insole' originally developed by the KITAJIMA-SHOES Industry Co., Ltd. applying more than 45 years of experience.
    A special synthetic rubber material with moderate elasticity reduces the stress on your feet. The three-dimensional insole is designed to distribute weight by maintaining the ideal shape of the heel and arch cushion, and to prevent fatigue even after many hours of walking.
5~6cm Height increase elevator shoes 3D arch curve insole