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Hand Dyed Genuine Leather Men's Elevator Shoes Height Increasing 2.36" Taller Hole Cut Lace Up Dress Shoes No. 1380

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• Made in Japan: We provide high-quality leather shoes made in Japan.
• Elevator Shoes: Look like regular shoes, but increase your height by 2.4 " (6 cm) with an invisible insole.
• Kitajima 3D Arch Support Insole: Provides comfortable walking with moderate flexibility and cushioning. Fits your soles. Supports the arch and prevents feet from slipping ahead.
• Upper: Made of Hand-Dyed genuine leather: Very beautiful as it is Hand-dyed carefully each shoes. Has a glossy finish.
• Lining: Genuine leather lining provides comfort and breathability when walking for extended periods.
• Design: Classic style perfect for business or formal occasions.
• Outsole: Genuine leather sole: Luxury Genuine leather sole is very breathable with non-slip rubbers on the heels.
• Heel: Outsole heel approximately 1.3 " (3.4 cm).
• Sizing: Please refer to the images for choosing the right size.

Get confidence, instant height, and a natural gait. The best-selling elevator shoes in Japan.

As part of our company philosophy, we only sell Elevator Shoes up to +7 cm (+2.8 inches) because we care about the health of your feet and your natural gait. Shoes specially designed as Elevator Shoes help you grow taller in a very natural way. It brings you confidence. Please check the quality of Elevator Shoes, the best-selling shoes in Japan. (The photo shows the height comparison between men and women)

3D arch curve insole (5-6 cm)

Flexible synthetic rubber material with a bulge in the center of the sole to prevent your foot from shifting forward. Our shoes are designed with this special insole in mind, providing comfort and a natural walking appearance. (Inner Sole pictured)

Soles made of real leather

The insoles and soles are genuine leather, so they are breathable.

Elevator Shoe as authentic, high-quality leather shoes delivered by skilled craftsmen.

We have been making shoes with a focus on wearability since our founding in 1961. We proudly recommend our elevator shoes for ease of wear made by Japanese craftsmen.

Your feet's health and natural appearance are important to us!

Our company philosophy is that 7cm is the limit when it comes to foot health. We don't make shoes that are taller than that because it puts too much stress on your feet. We also value natural appearance above all else.