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Men's Elevator Shoes Height Increasing 2.76" Taller Plain Toe Lace Up Ankle Desert Boots Genuine Leather No. 350

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• Made in Japan: We provide high-quality leather shoes made in Japan.
• Elevator Shoes: Look like regular shoes, but increase your height by 2.8 " (7 cm) with an invisible insole.
• KITAJIMA JAPAN Magic Insole: The super cushioning insole absorbs shock when the heels are placed on the ground and reduces your foot fatigue. Our original deep structure of the insole has a visual effect make its look normal shoes when you take off the shoes. So nobody finds you wear the elevator shoes.
• Upper: Made of cowhide, which is highly breathable. The more you wear the shoes, the more fits your feet.
• Lining: Genuine leather lining provides comfort and breathability when walking for extended periods.
• COOLMAX: The special fabric absorbs wet away from inside of shoes.
sweat absorption, quick-drying, keep cool, comfort
COOLMAX is used on the front half (The part where the toes are placed) of insoles.
sweat absorption + breathable = totally comfortable
• Design: Ankle Desert Boots
• Outsole: Urethane sole: Lightweight and flexible urethane sole provides excellent cushioning. The deformed soft materials in heels of each shoe soles are compressed and absorbed shock when the heels are placed on the ground. So the shoes can relieve pains from long time walking than usual height increase shoes.
• Heel: Outsole heel approximately 1.5 " (3.8 cm).
• Sizing: Please refer to the images for choosing the right size.